Silvertone at Avalon Airshow and AAUS Conference 2019

We recently went to the Avalon Air Show held in Victoria to speak at the AAUS Conference on who Silvertone are as a company, what we do and what our capabilities are in area of UAVs. This year’s conference topic was ‘exploring an unmanned future’ and tied in perfectly with our talk.

A large part of our talk was showing how our capabilities make us a serious contender and partner in the development of the Shadow 200 replacement project JP129 Phase 3.

The Flamingo MK3 was a fantastic way for us to show our capabilities as well as talk about our recent achievements at both AW18 (read more here) and our VUX-1 Lidar trials with Mondo (read more here).

We also talked about the fantastic company Energias de Portugal in Brazil who are using and developing the Flamingo MK3 to incorporate their own monitoring systems for their network of poles and wires.

The talk ended on our value proposition including the following:

  • Location is a perfect test facility for trials

  • Design and build a sophisticated UAV to global best standards

  • Manage complex integration of operating systems

  • Design and develop complex software solutions including integration

  • REOC certified

  • Have met all demands placed by a multilateral defence consortium

Cristy Houghton