Beyond visual line of site (BVLOS)

Realisation of the BVLOS operating environment for UAV operators relies on two factors:

  1. Access to a suitable platform that provides flexibility to meet the broad needs requirements of the emerging market, at a price point within the appetite of early adopters, that offers a level of reliability and airworthiness to satisfy regulators.

  2. Aviation regulators legislating for the regular and safe operations of UAVs in airspace of manned aircraft without compromising the high level of aviation safety.

Aviation regulators recognise the need to develop operating rules for UAVs to integrate into the current airspace occupied by manned aircraft.  The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia is urging industry to work with them in generating a service history of successful BVLOS operations. 

Silvertone UAV is able to conduct regular BVLOS operations in conjunction with CASA and early adopters to create this service history and open BVLOS flights to approved operators.