About Silvertone® UAV

Australian owned and operated with clients across the globe, Silvertone® UAV designs, develops and manufactures long range, high endurance, high lift RPAS, including the Flamingo® Mk1, Mk2 and new-to-market Mk3.

With more than 70 years’ aviation experience, the Silvertone® team comprises an aeronautical engineer, avionics/software engineer, communications and business specialists and experienced RC and RPAS pilots.

An agile operation, Silvertone® tailors the technology and build to suit each individual customer’s needs, delivering a bespoke vehicle in just four-months. 

Committed to designing and building platforms that exceed current regulations, Silvertone® works closely with the Australian aviation authority (CASA) to develop the standards for RPAS design and manufacture. With the Flamingo® MK3, Silvertone® is currently seeking to gain type certification to fly beyond the visual line of sight.