About Silvertone UAV

Australian owned and operated with clients across the globe, Silvertone UAV designs, develops and manufactures long range, high endurance, high lift RPAS, including the Flamingo Mk1, Mk2 and new-to-market Mk3.

With more than 70 years’ aviation experience, the Silvertone team comprises an aeronautical engineer, avionics/software engineer, communications and business specialists and experienced RC and RPAS pilots.

An agile operation, Silvertone tailors the technology and build to suit each individual customer’s needs, delivering a bespoke vehicle in just four-months. 

Committed to designing and building platforms that exceed current regulations, Silvertone works closely with the Australian aviation authority (CASA) to develop the standards for RPAS design and manufacture. With the Flamingo® MK3, Silvertone is currently seeking to gain type certification to fly beyond the visual line of sight.


The Silvertone Group is made up of 3 entities, all related to the operations of Unmanned or Remotely Piloted Aircraft, conducting business in the commercial sector, globally. 

Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) are a set of configurable elements consisting of an airframe with power systems, its associated remote pilot station(s), it’s required command and control systems and any other mission related system elements as may be required, during the designated flight operations. 

  1. Silvertone RPAS is the designer, researcher, developer, producer, integrator and distributor of commercial Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems to global clients. 

  2. Silvertone Electronics is an Australian based developer and distributor/retailer of state of the art communications and UAV components and integration products required by researchers and CASA certified UAV operators and their related entities. 

  3. Silvertone Operations is a tester, demonstrator, trainer and operator of RPAS’s to commercial clients globally. 

Silvertone RPAS 

Silvertone RPAS is currently the developer of an unmanned, flexible payload, fixed wing aerial vehicle the Flamingo Mk3 with a Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) of 25kg, capable of carrying up to 8kg of payloads and being flown autonomously on long endurance, BVLOS (>15hrs) missions (see here for Specs and details). 

Currently the company consists of four full-time and two part-time employees. Current owner(s) and staff include communications, electronics, avionics and aeronautical engineering, commercial aviation experience and business development expertise. A strong commitment to adherence to process and systems documentation distinguishes Silvertone from most other industry participants, particularly within Australia. Silvertone maintains links to the founder of the business, thus tapping over 50 years of remote-control and aeronautical design and development experience, and the fulfilment of that, the current Mk3 design, has just reached the “ready for production, sale and commercialisation stage” of evolution. 

The Flamingo Mk3 RPA is able to carry various role equipment (Tracking cameras, Infra-Red cameras, multi spectral cameras, communications repeaters, air sampling sensors, Lidar, etc…) and/or remain aloft for long periods of time (10 – 20 hours). The snap-on/snap-off payload bay (for installing role equipment) is designed for flexibility to meet varying client requirements and has a design carrying capacity up to 10 kg. External wing attachment points increase the payload capacity to 12kg (including fuel).

The Flamingo has: 

  • large payload capacity; 

  • long endurance; 

  • flexibility of payload configuration; 

  • rapid payload configuration changes between missions; 

  • smaller logistical footprint than other more expensive yet less capable aircraft; 

  • a detailed manufacturing and conformance production pack. 

The design of the Mk3 was accomplished using Solid Works 3D modelling resulting in a captured design data pack with production drawings facilitating quality controlled repeatable manufacture. The production drawings have been produced to aviation standards suitable for conformance control and Production Certificate application. 

The Flamingo Mk3 is designed to meet the pending applications of the commercial market with flight characteristics and operational capability making it an attractive option for existing military markets locally and internationally.