Commercial UAV

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) (also called Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)) industry is a global market that is developing rapidly. The industry has experienced considerable growth in the very small vehicle sector with technology enabling autonomous operation with little or no training. In line with advances in technology, global aviation safety regulators have enabled commercial operation of these very small vehicles through legislation of rules governing commercial operators and their safe conduct; predominantly for vehicles weighing less than 7kg and operating within line of sight of the remote pilot.

The emergence of this technology, coupled with the acceptance of commercial UAVs by aviation regulators and the community, has resulted in early adopters seeking to expand on their current operations into the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operating environment.  With a thirst to operate for longer periods, over greater distances and to conduct multiple missions at once, operators are seeking a platform to disrupt the status quo of current information gathering techniques.

Globally, Emergency Services/Military/Police/Border Control are early adopters of this technology and are achieving great results with small image capturing UAVs with low endurance and carrying capacity.  The natural progression of this operational capability is into the BVLOS endurance environment where legislation is restrictive for most operators.  The commercial market is also crying out for this to be enabled.

Our Solution

Our Flamingo Mk3 is special because it will conduct complex, variable payload, long endurance missions, autonomously, cost competitively, compared with existing or known solutions. The Flamingo Mk3 has a pedigree in manned aviation standards with the design aligning with existing aviation standards to support the needs of the aviation regulator.  Designing, building and testing an aviation platform to existing standards sets us apart from our competitors.  This has been recognised by our partners in Brazil who have acceptance from the National Aviation Authority (NAA) of Brazil (ANAC) for certification of the Flamingo Mk3.

The design of the Flamingo Mk3 Airframe is captured in a design data pack with production drawings facilitating quality controlled repeatable manufacture.  The production drawings have been produced to aviation standards suitable for conformance control and Production Certificate application. The airframe is scalable.  Complete build process to a fully autonomous vehicle is documented to facilitate fleet-based production.

The Flamingo Mk3 is an Australian designed and developed, unmanned, flexible payload, fixed wing aerial vehicle (UAV).  It is capable of carrying up to 12kg of fuel and payloads and being flown autonomously on long endurance (up to 12hrs), missions (See  Flamingo Mk3 specifications).

The Flamingo Mk3 operates fully autonomously from take-off to landing.  A complete suite of documentation provides training, operational and maintenance procedures and ongoing support to ensure longevity, reliability and safety to the end user.