Silvertone wraps up Autonomous Warrior 2018

Flamingo MK3 performs at AW18

Exercise AUTONOMOUS WARRIOR 2018 (AW18) was a combined Navy (FIVEYS) and DSTG-led autonomous unmanned systems exercise conducted in Jervis Bay near Sydney in November 2018. It was the largest such exercise conducted in Australia and represented an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the utility and advantages of unmanned systems in a variety of warfare domains.

The Flamingo® Mk3 was the only Australian fixed wing UAV participating in this exercise and has demonstrated ISR capability and communications repeater capability as an airborne node, in a complex defence operation, operating in adverse weather conditions.

The Flamingo® Mk3 was tasked to operate within a 20km range of Jervis Bay Air Field, out to Beecroft Peninsula, at 5000’ altitude while providing live video feed from a remotely controlled gimbal sensor package.  Entry into and out of Jervis Bay Air Field was achieved for every sortie, in accordance with Navy procedures and under the approval of Navy Mission Controllers.

The main objective of The Technical Cooperative Program (TTCP) exercise was to test a new Command and Control System (AIM C2) for use with multiple unmanned vehicles.  The Flamingo participated in the 3-week exercise and was successfully tasked by the AIM C2 system, executing missions uploaded to the aircraft as received.

As an Australian SME engaged in R&D activities centred on developing innovative solutions and products to the unmanned industry, our participation in AW18 has heightened our resolve to engage further with Defence, now with a greater understanding of Defence needs.    The development of programs like JP129 provide great opportunities for companies like Silvertone UAV to demonstrate their capability to deliver world class products to meet the evolving needs of this rapidly moving industry. 

Cristy Houghton