VUX1-UAV LIDAR tests using The Flamingo MK3 RPA Platform

The Flamingo MK3 gets tested with the VUX1-UAV Lidar

The VUX1-UAV Lidar is used for mapping and creation of 3D point cloud data in various applications.  This and similar Lidar are being used on manned aircraft for commercial operations all over the world.  Increasingly users are identifying the potential for this unit to be flown on unmanned aircrafts to capture the same data at a much-reduced operating expense.

Silvertone UAV is constantly integrating different operating systems and sensor packages as part of their development path to providing commercial operators with alternative options for collecting their data.

In conjunction with an Australian energy provider we are scheduling flight tests with the VUX1-UAV Lidar and have developed an installation pod to be fitted to the Flamingo® Mk3 for these trials.

Trials are being conducted at the end of January 2019 to establish the Flamingo as a suitable platform for such work.

Cristy Houghton