Our feature on 9 News Riverina

9 News Riverina talks to us about our partnership with Brazilian company Energias and the signing of the MOU.

VUX-1 Lidar Trials with Mondo

The Flamingo Mk3 successfully completes data collection trials with the Riegl VUX-1 UAV Lidar for Mondo, one of Australia’s leaders in metering, mobile and spatial technology solutions for the utility and transport industries.

Autonomous Warrior 2018

The Flamingo MK3 being put through DSTG-led autonomous unmanned systems exercises in Jervis Bay. It was an opportunity to demonstrate the utility and advantages of unmanned systems in a variety of warfare domains.

Test Flight

Test flight of the Silvertone Flamingo Mk3 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. These short flights include auto take off, auto landing and some aerial manoeuvres.

What is the Flamingo MK3?

Get to know our Flamingo MK3 and all that it has to offer in terms of capability, systems and integration.

More videos

Flamingo MK3 Auto Landing

A test program flight showing the taking off, flying and landing autonomously by the Flamingo MK3.

Drone Shots

Some great drone footage of the Flamingo MK3 stationary along with family and friends on a property.

Flamingo MK3 Test Flight 2

Flamingo MK3 flight flying under remote control for flight testing without electronic stabilisation.

Flamingo MK3 Test flight

Flamingo MK3 test flight with Corvid29 engine start and take off & landing flap degrees.