The Flamingo MK3 has received design standard certification!

The Flamingo Mk3, configured to conduct airborne inspection of the electrical power grid in Brazil, has received certification to conduct BVLOS operations out to 48km.

The regulatory body in Brazil, ANAC, published design standards for small RPAS in May 2017, RBAC-E No94 AMdt 00, with the Flamingo Mk3 being the first platform to achieve this certification and receive approval to operate under an Experimental Certificate issued by ANAC.

The Experimental Certificate approves the Flamingo RPAS to conduct BVLOS operations out to 48km as proof of reliability to achieve a Restricted Certificate for routine operations.

Silvertone UAV have been working closely with their client Energias in Brazil to develop their end to end solution for autonomous fault detection along the electrical transmission network.

The business solution provides an automated approach to condition monitoring and fault detection along their power grid, encompassing the entire work flow from Energy company inspection schedules through to flight planning, data acquisition and automated post processing, with the end product being a report on faults identified along the flight path.

In the ANAC, RPA 110 refers to the Flamingo MK3 designation at Energias LTDA.

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Cristy Houghton