Our catch-up with Energias Brazil in Amsterdam


Last week we headed over to the Netherlands to attend the Amsterdam Air Show. While we were there we were able to catch-up with the Energias team and discuss some exciting new ventures for the future including:

  • The MOU among Energias and Silvertone: the signing of the MOU in order to establish a strategic partnership among the companies to deploy power line inspection systems flying Silvertone platforms. Discuss the possibility to make Silvertone the representative in Australia and Oceania to commercialise Brazil’s system, as well as Energias becoming Silvertone’s representative in Latin America.

  • The travel to Brazil to compare Flamingo’s performance with Silvertone’s standard flight control system and Energias’ flight control system.

  • The certification process in Brazil and Australia: the status and future.

  • A possible Silvertone participation as a strategic and preferred supplier for Energias projects: Energias is competing in a tender to supply Petrobras (Global Brazilian oil company, like Shell or BP, & today is the biggest global offshore oil producer) with a complete UAV system to comply with the company requirements for oil assets inspection and logistics in onshore camps and offshore platforms. The system must contemplate flight planning and control systems, logistics support plan, image processing algorithms and data analysis in an operational and tactic dash boards.

We will soon have an update on how all of the above talks went and where the next steps begin.

Cristy Houghton