Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Flamingo Mk3?

The Flamingo Mk3 is an unmanned, flexible payload, fixed wing aerial vehicle developed and manufactured by Silvertone UAV

Who is it for?

Affordable and strong, the Flamingo Mk3 is capable of long endurance missions making it ideal for a range of military and civilian applications, including:

  • utility management, including transmission and distribution

  • large agriculture using photogrammetry and NDVI surveillance

  • intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operators who seek this “forward eyes” and sophisticated communications capability.

Why would I need one?

If your business operates across expansive, remote or dangerous territory, relies on regular surveillance or monitoring of assets and equipment, or demands emergency access and rapid response, the Flamingo Mk3 would make many missions a simpler, safer and more cost-effective decision.

Whether you already rely on unmanned or manned aircraft or ground vehicles for your operations, the Flamingo Mk3 will change the way you think about your current and future operations.

Capable of carrying large payloads and being flown autonomously on long endurance (up to 12 hours with standard 6.9L fuel tank) and beyond the line of sight, the Flamingo Mk3 allows you to complete multiple tasks in the one mission. This provides the highest return from your investment while remaining airborne for extended sorties.

Why is it a game-changer?

The payload potential, logistics profile and flexibility of the Flamingo Mk3 make it a game-changer for any commercial operation requiring long range, long endurance missions.

In fact, it can fly much further than other UAVs, well beyond the visual line of sight and up to altitudes of 10,000 feet.

It is a much lighter and affordable alternative to the larger manned vehicles and a stronger aircraft than the smaller UAVs on the market.

Opening up a world of possibilities in terms of operational efficiency and capability, the Flamingo Mk3 offers:

  • exceptional payload capacity (10kg) for its weight class (25kg MTOW)

  • the flexibility to integrate custom payloads, with rapid reconfiguration between missions

  • long endurance (up to 18 hours depending on payload and mission)

  • better logistics with easy transport, simple set up and single person operation

  • affordability – it costs less to buy and run than manned aircraft and other UAVs

Every Flamingo Mk3 is made to meet your exact specifications.

Who is already using the Flamingo Mk3?

Energias de Brazil, one of the largest Brazilian electric utility companies serving a total of 3.1 million customers, is using Flamingo Mk3 bare airframes in an R&D project that will eventually form an integral part of its UAV Electrical Poles and Wires utility management and maintenance system.

Energias de Brazil chose the Flamingo Mk3 because of its proven airframe characteristics, versatility of its operating configurations and payload flexibility. Early indicators have identified measurable benefits for the company, with significant savings and efficiencies, and plans to include the platform in their future global UAV activities.

Silvertone UAV is currently working on test projects for Geomatics Technologies and is taking part in Autonomous Warrior 18 (AW18), a Five Eyes (FVEY) trial to be conducted in Australia at Jervis Bay in November 2018.

How is it tested?

Silvertone has spent three years in R&D developing the Flamingo Mk3 and refining earlier Flamingo models.

The Flamingo Mk3 has been designed to meet existing aviation standards and tested with manned aviation standards as a guide to exceed any likely future certification standards for UAV's. Silvertone UAV uses only proven componentry and has a unique system for integrating components in a custom build. The airframe and components have withheld more than 100hrs of ground and airborne testing, and the Corvid engine has been subjected to thousands of hours of testing and is in use all over the world.

The Flamingo has been designed to accept various commercial autopilots currently on the market for small UAVs but has extensively tested and recommends the Micropilot MP2128 family.

What are the take-off requirements?

The Flamingo Mk3 needs only 80m for take-off and a 100m bare strip for landing, meaning you can simply use a road or paddock for take-off and landing.

How long does it take to build?

Silvertone UAV is an agile operation able to tailor the technology and build to suit each individual customer’s needs. This means we will work intensively with you to manufacture bespoke vehicles in just a short 4-month build.

What does it come with?

Each vehicle is delivered with its own operation, maintenance and flight manuals. We also offer maintenance training and a full maintenance service.

What’s the service/aftersales commitment?

More than just a UAV manufacturer, Silvertone aims to provide the highest level of personalised service that extends far beyond purchase. We pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions to meet your requirements and maintaining your operational capability.

How qualified is the team?

The Silvertone team has more than 70 years' combined aviation experience, both as operators and in the field of aircraft design and certification. With an aeronautical engineer, avionics/software engineer, communications and business specialists and experienced RC and RPAS pilots, the Silvertone team is driven to provide a RPA platform designed and built to exceed current regulations.