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If your business operates across expansive, remote or dangerous territory, relies on regular surveillance or monitoring of assets, or demands emergency access and rapid response, the Flamingo Mk3 can deliver an unparalleled return on investment.

These industries currently use manned aircraft for many of their applications. The Flamingo Mk3 will, in some cases, disrupt the use of manned aviation but in many cases, it will complement the use of manned aviation by providing flexibility and cost benefit to the operator. 

We have identified uses for the Flamingo in these following industries: 


Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defence 

Silvertone successfully participated in FVEYS Autonomous Warrior 2018 at Jervis Bay in November 2018 where we demonstrated our “Forward Eyes” capability to the armed forces of multiple nations including Canada, UK, New Zealand, USA and Australia. This application has relevance to Emergency Services globally. 


Transmission and Distribution

Transmission and Distribution (poles and wires, telecoms towers, oil and gas pipelines) 

Silvertone has sold 3 airframes to Energias of Brazil for trials and proof of concept for power line inspection, a complete solution for which is currently being demonstrated and which we will further develop locally and market worldwide. We are working with other Australian utility-related companies to implement a solution using the Flamingo® Mk3 carrying VUX 1 UAV and similar Lidars along with other cameras. 


Emergency Services

Emergency Services 

The “Forward Eyes” IS&R configuration we used successfully at AW18 will also be of benefit to emergency services (Police, Border Control, Rural Fire Services etc.) 



Many past sales of the Flamingo Mk2 were to universities or research institutions in the Education sector and with the developments and research happening around autonomy. We expect this market to continue to grow. 




We will be flying with some cameras (Sony Nex 7 and Sentek Gems, and hyperspectral) to capture a range of multi spectral images and then stitch them together to create an NDVI image of a farmer’s property and infrastructure. Other use-cases are for finding stock on large stations as well as for surveillance and monitoring of assets spread across vast areas of land. 




Mining companies are currently exploring the use of drones for many purposes including quantity surveying, Asset Monitoring, exploration, environmental impact monitoring, and surveillance. Informal discussions have highlighted the need for drones that can be airborne for extended periods of time. 


Transportation and logistics 

Delivery of goods and medical logistics to remote locations are being trialled but are only short distance. We can enable that over longer distances. 



Support in damage assessment, claims settling process and fraud detection through surveillance with low risk. 



Advertising, entertainment, aerial photography, shows and special effects as well as film making. 

Forward Eyes 

This is a Silvertone Electronics managed project designed to demonstrate to the Military, Federal Police, Border Control, Emergency Services and other interested parties a special capability of the Flamingo Mk3 and CISTECH Solutions Sensor Suite as a covert intelligence gathering, communications management and mission management solution. 

In a battlefield scenario, a terrorist attack, a disaster management operation, a hostage crisis or a security oversight situation, having covert awareness of the exact scenario is invaluable. 

Obtaining that optimized position, cost effectively, quickly, without risking human lives, and accurately in real time is invaluable. 

A profound solution to that situation is a project we call “FORWARD EYES”. 

Using a Flamingo Mk3 as an RPA with CISTECHS’ advanced ISR plus Manet Communications as its payload can provide: 

  1. Up to 20 hours in air time for the UAV. 

  2. Up to 10,000 feet flight height. 

  3. Fully autonomous control. 

  4. Remote launch and land sites. 

  5. Remote and mobile Ground Control of UAV and Payload. 

  6. Up to 8kg of Payload equipment. 

  7. A diverse range of sensors for any mission needs.

  8. Unlimited aware nodes. 

  9. Multiple Nodal control of the payload as defined by Command. 

  10. Feed to multiple HQ’s 

  11. Controlled multi-channel communications. 

  12. Silent UAV operation, BVLOS. 

  13. Programmable or manual flight control from GCS. 

  14. Possible independence from lack of terrestrial infrastructure, LAN at site. 

  15. Optional snap on snap off Payload Panniers depending on function. 

  16. Easy delivery and set up regardless of site. 

  17. Affordable and well supported proven systems.